GM2 Gloss Meter

GM2 Gloss Meter
Factory calibrated:
The gloss meter comes factory calibrated, tested, with battery fitted for immediate use right out of the box!

The GM2 Gloss Meter optically measures surface gloss on a variety of surfaces, including powder coating and paints (including automotive paint). This triple angle electronic meter follows international standard ISO2813 for gloss measurement of paint films. It can also be used to calculate haze in accordance with the ASTM D4039 test method. This allows a more comprehensive evaluation of the surface appearance characteristics.

Its multi-angle measuring capability means it is suitable for measuring the widest variety of surfaces and gloss levels. Its 20° angle is ideal for very high gloss surfaces such as polished metals and its 85° angle is ideal for very low gloss surfaces such as matt paints. This eliminates the need to own multiple meters of different specifications and its capability to take simultaneous readings at each angle speeds the measurement process. If a gloss reading is over 70GU at 60° then the reading at 20° is often selected. If a gloss reading is below 10GU at 60° then the reading at 85° is often selected.

As well as assessing gloss, haze can also be calculated by subtracting the gloss reading at 20° from the gloss reading at 60° to achieve a haze index in accordance with the ASTM D4039 test method.

This digital gloss meter (sometimes written as glossmeter) is high spec and quick and easy to use - simply hold the meter against the surface to be measured and press the measure button and the gloss level, simultaneously measured at three different angles, is immediately displayed on the LCD screen. This is a key time saving feature over meters that require users to switch between angles through a menu system. The meter can be calibrated with the included calibration piece.

Our gloss meters are high specification, professional grade measuring devices suitable for consumer and commercial use. The meter is suitable for a variety of end uses in a range of settings, including the following:

  • Fabricators
  • Manufacturing companies
  • Aerospace and shipbuilding companies
  • Professional cleaning companies
  • Surface coating and treatment companies
  • Masonry companies
  • Printing companies
  • Packaging manufacturers
  • Auto dealers and inspectors
  • Bodyshops
  • Powder coaters
  • Painters
  • Coating inspectors
  • Car detailers
  • Used car buyers
  • ...and other situations where accurate measurement of surface gloss and reflectivity is required


One button operation? Yes
Audible beep on reading? Yes
Calibration feature? Yes
Low battery indicator? Yes
Auto off? Yes
Multiple measuring angles? Yes (20°, 60°, 85°)
Can be used to calculate haze? Yes (per ASTM D4039 test method)


Gloss Meter
Calibration Piece
1 x AA batteries
Lens cleaning cloth
Storage/carrying case
User guide

Examples of types of surfaces that can be measured:

Paint Yes
Powder coat Yes
Fire resistant paint Yes
Rubber Yes
Plastic Yes
Enamel Yes
Vinyl Yes
Marble Yes
Granite Yes
Pottery Yes
Wood Yes
Printing ink Yes
Metals Yes
Non-metals Yes

Technical specifications:

Range: 0-200GU
Stability: +/-0.4GU/30min
Accuracy: +/-1.2GU
Projecting angles: 20 degrees, 60 degrees, 85 degrees
Dimensions: 145 x 80 x 38 mm
Weight: 266g (excluding battery)
Battery type: 1 x AA (user replaceable)
Standards: CE approved