Ultra Material Thickness Gauge

Ultra Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge
Factory calibrated:
The Ultra comes factory calibrated, tested, with batteries fitted for immediate use right out of the box!

This ultrasonic thickness gauge has a rich feature set and a backlit LCD display that is easily readable even in dimly lit conditions. It is fast and simple to use and features a memory function to store measureuments. The cabled probe allows measurement in niches and hard to reach areas. Taking measurements is fast, simply place the sensor (with couplant) against the surface to be measured and the material thickness is automatically displayed on the large LCD screen.

Note: This gauge does not measure coating thicknesses on materials. It measures total thickness of uniform consistency materials (e.g. metal plate, plastic, glass). To measure coating thicknesses, see our range of coating thickness gauges, such as the FN Evo.

Our gauges are high specification, professional grade measuring devices suitable for consumer and commercial use. The Ultra is suitable for a variety of end uses in a range of settings, including the following:

  • Fabricators
  • Engineering companies
  • Aerospace and shipbuilding companies
  • Material inspectors
  • Quality controllers
  • Steel stockholders
  • Plastic production companies
  • ...and other situations where accurate measurement of material thicknesses is required
Ultrasonic technology measures thicknesses of a wide range of materials:

Unlike lower specification gauges, the Ultra has the ability to measure thicknesses of a wide range of materials due to the ability to adjust the speed of sound for different materials, ensuring optimal accuracy. The user can quickly change the setting to the desired value, with suggested values for common materials stated in the included user guide.

Feature rich:

The Ultra gauge is fast and easy to use - simply hold the sensor against the surface to be measured (with couplant) and the material thickness is automatically displayed on the LCD screen. The device is a high specification, high accuracy measuring device.


Measures on steel? Yes
Measures on aluminium? Yes
Measures on cylindrical surfaces? Yes
Cabled probe? Yes
Auto measure when placed on surface? Yes
Reading memory? Yes (10)
Adjust speed of sound? Yes
Backlit screen? Yes
Range: 2.2-225mm
Minimum resolution: 0.1mm

Types of materials that can be measured:

Metals Yes
Plastics Yes
Glass Yes
Rubber Yes
Stone Yes
Ceramic Yes
Acrylic Yes
Any solid material that is a good conductor of ultrasonic waves
Composite materials No

Technical specifications:

Units: mm
Range: 2.2-225mm (steel)
Resolution: 0.1mm
Accuracy: +/-(0.1mm+1%)
Sensor type: Ultrasonic
Probe working frequency: 5Mhz
Sound speed range: 1000-9999m/s
Dimensions: 152 x 75 x 32 mm
Weight: 68g (excluding batteries)
Battery type: 3 x AA
Standards: CE approved