Digital gloss meter that optically measures surface reflectivity on a variety of surfaces (e.g. paint, powder coat, ink, metal, plastic, stone and others).

  • The GM1 Gloss Meter
  • Hard-shell carrying/storage case
  • User manual (English)
  • 2x AAA alkaline batteries
  • 1x Calibration test piece
  • 1x Lens cleaning cloth

In Stock (Available to ship worldwide from the UK)

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The GM1 Gloss Meter optically measures surface gloss on a variety of surfaces, including powder coating and paints (including automotive paint). The electronic meter follows international standard ISO2813 for gloss measurement of paint films. Its 60 degree measuring angle means it is suitable for checking a wide range of levels of reflectivity, providing flexibility and a broad range of use.

This digital gloss meter has a range of 0 to 200GU. It also features convenient user replaceable batteries, eliminating the inconvenience of internal battery deterioration and unexpected downtime due to lack of charge.

The GM1 glossmeter is also quick and easy to use – simply power on the meter with the red button, place it against the surface to be tested, press the yellow button, and the gloss level is immediately displayed on the LCD screen. The user does not need to navigate complicated menu settings using multiple buttons.  This helps to speed up measurements, reduces the risk of mistakes, and enhances usability. The meter can be calibrated with the included calibration piece.

  • High resolution – Readings displayed in 0.1GU increments
  • Easy to Use – Two buttons control all operations
  • Compact and lightweight – Providing portability and ease of handling
  • User replaceable AAA batteries – Eliminating charging downtime and battery deterioration issue



0 to 200GU







Sensor type

60 degree projecting angle


114 x 70 x 38 mm


285g (excluding batteries)


2 x AAA


CE approved, ISO 2813

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