Stylish black coating thickness gauge with statistics and backlit display. Case, test blocks and calibrated test shims included.

  • The FN Plus Paint Thickness Gauge
  • Hard-shell carrying/storage case
  • User manual (English)
  • 2x AAA alkaline batteries
  • 2x Substrate test pieces (1 x steel and 1 x aluminium)
  • 4x Plastic calibrated thickness test shims

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The FN Plus gauge fuses style with substance with its black case and backlit LED display. This gauge also features a user selectable display colour (green text on black or black text on white).  It is high spec and quick and easy to use – simply hold the sensor against the surface to be measured and the coating thickness is automatically displayed, in both µm and mil, on the large LED screen.

The display also automatically shows statistics of minimum, maximum and average of the thicknesses read. One touch of a button flips the display readout upside down for easy reading at different angles. Another button press changes the LED display from reading in black on white text to green on black text, to allow for optimum clarity in a variety of lighting conditions.

  • Auto measure – simply place the probe on the surface to be measured
  • Auto detection and display of substrate type (Fe/non-Fe)
  • Integrated dual sensors – enables reading on ferrous and non-ferrous substrates with automatic deteiont, no probe switching, and no user intervention
  • Large colour LCD display – for clear, error free readings even in dimly lit environments
  • Display colour select – choose green text on black, or black text on white for optimal clarity
  • Display flip – easy reading in various positions and of panels in various orientations
  • Statistics calcuation – automatic display and calculation of average, minimum, maximum, and standard deviation
  • Highly automated – three buttons control all functions
  • Plastic probe surround – assists in protecting surfaces from damage
  • Contoured fingergrips – enable operation with just thumb and forefinger
  • Metric and Imperial units supported (µm/mil)
  • Slim and lightweight – fits into a pocket and is discreet in usage

µm (aka micrometer or micron = 1/1000mm) and mil (aka Thou = 1/1000 inch)


0 to 1,250µm, 0 to 49mil


1µm, 0.1mil


±(2µm+3%), ±(0.1mil+3%)

Sensor type

Combined Ferrous and Non-Ferrous

Measuring technology

Magnetic induction and eddy current


119 x 45 x 27 mm


58g (excluding battery)


2 x AAA


CE approved, ISO 2178, ISO 2360

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