Spare test pieces for calibration and testing of paint thickness gauges. Can also be used to protect gauge probe when measuring on tacky, abrasive or hot surfaces.

Note: these are included with each gauge we sell and are available separately for customers who have lost these items or acquired a third party or used gauge without them.

  • 2x Substrate test piece zero plates (1 x steel and 1 x aluminium)
  • 4x Plastic factory calibrated thickness test shims (with thicknesses of approximately 50µm, 100µm, 250µm, 500µm) marked in both µm and mil

In Stock (Available to ship worldwide from the UK)

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These test pieces and shims are compatible with all of our coating thickness gauge models.  They are also compatible with other gauge brands.

Shim thickness

50µm, 100µm, 250µm, 500µm

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