This video demonstration illustrates the features and ease of use of the FN Pro thickness gauge.

Here, we measure the paint thickness on a Ferrari 360. This car has an aluminium body and the gauge automatically senses this as a non-ferrous substrate and switches to eddy current measuring technology. No user intervention, menu option switching or probe changing is required (unlike many other gauges). The FN Pro is an integrated, automated gauge.

The consistency of the gauge is demonstrated by placing it on the same location 3 times in a row – with the gauge illustrating consistent readings to 1/1000 of a mm (1┬Ám) each time.

The display flip feature allows easy reading on vertical panels and at different angles – at the touch of a button. The automatic memory feature allows rapid consecutive measurement taking, without having to put the gauge down to note readings one by one – saving time when mapping a panel.

Note also the compact size and ergonomic shape of the gauge and ease of use with one hand.